Growth Strategy

Wolverine Partners works with clients to develop actionable growth strategies, in a disciplined and cost effective way.

We work collaboratively with clients to help them define and achieve their objectives for growth and profitability, in a straightforward and clear manner

Our approach recognizes that much of the brainpower to build a compelling growth strategy typically resides within the company

We work to extract, organize and focus that internal knowledge to build alignment and drive better returns

Our process reduces the time and cost it takes to create a business plan while greatly increasing the creative thinking about how to grow


Advocated and helped structure an outbound calling campaign for one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of a specialized interior design custom product, helping drive revenue growth and a cultural shift in the sales organization.

Wrote article entitled “Manufacturing can be competitive in the United States” recommending that manufacturers should focus on four ways to improve performance. The article went viral, and is still the #1 returned search result in Google using those key words.

Quoted in Crain’s Chicago Business in a feature on ways to reinvent and jump start performance for small businesses, by noting that the key mistake companies make is waiting too long to face reality.

Turnaround Consulting

Wolverine Partners addresses problems faced by companies that are undergoing transition, underperforming or are in trouble. If a company is suffering from:

Stagnant or declining revenues

Falling profit margins due to cost overruns or competitive pressures

Poor profit conversion or losses

Overleveraged balance sheet, including poor working capital disciplines

Tight liquidity and insufficient funds for debt service

Out-of-compliance loan covenants, with banks applying pressure

Poor, inefficient or broken culture

Then Wolverine Partners can help. We work with clients to help restore and improve business performance by identifying not only what's wrong, but finding solutions that address root cause problems.


Engineered the turnaround of a $15 million B2B retail facilities maintenance company by realigning customer service and vendor management. Identified unnecessary overhead through operational process redesign, and raised $1 million in new financing.

Helped drive the adoption of lean manufacturing disciplines while creating the analytics to prune unprofitable customers for a $50 million blow molding plastics manufacturer and distributor of consumer products. As a result, EBITDA improved by $5 million over 2 years.

Analyzed the operations and performance of a distressed quick lube service chain for a mezzanine investor, resulting in a successful close and subsequent solid performance of their investment.

Financial Advisory

Wolverine Partners specializes in reorganizing a company’s creditor obligations. This includes:

Restructuring out-of-court or under court supervision through a bankruptcy process

Determining whether a firm will be reorganized as a going concern or be liquidated – either option can be done in or out-of-court

Executing a refinancing, recapitalization, reorganization, sale or liquidation plan, which may include:

  • > Identifying and securing alternative sources of debt or equity
  • > Negotiating terms with existing and prospective lenders and / or investors
  • > Selling the business through an out-of-court process or a 363 sale

Wolverine Partners has worked for both debtors (companies) and creditors (unsecured creditor committees)


Appointed Financial Advisor to the Creditors’ Committee for Inc. (an online retailer of sports‐related nutritional supplements), and helped structure a reorganization plan that anticipated significant recoveries to unsecured creditors.

Selected as Financial Advisor to the Creditors’ Committee for Telesource Services, LLC (a reseller of commercial telecommunications equipment). Worked with Committee and Debtor professionals to structure a 363 sale (including securing the stalking horse bid), resulting in total consideration 1.7x the initial offer.

Chosen as Financial Advisor to the Creditors’ Committee in the bankruptcy of Cornhusker RBM (a healthcare diagnostic benefits management firm). Uncovered potential recoveries before the Debtor converted to a Chapter 7.

Retained as Creditor Trustee Post-Plan confirmation in the bankruptcy of American Diagnostic Medicine (a medical imaging provider). Successfully identified additional sources of recovery while reducing the claims pool.